It’s not what you think.

How do you talk about it without sounding like a jerk? Is recognizing your privilege while trying to undo others suffering OK? What is an ally? Can I disagree with some aspects of BLM and still be an ally?

I’m of the age that BLM meant Bureau of Land Management. They drove those strangely hued green trucks and worked out West. That is part of the struggle activist have. People they need to reach don’t understand, choose not to, and retreat more deeply into nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time that never was. But everything looks better in the rear view mirror. (Think childbirth pain…would you really have two if you actually remembered the feeling?)

My life is one of easy accessibility, international travel, full time work and parenting of a teenager, who is not giving me a run for my money. Ha, not yet. I sit here, knowing I don’t have to give my teen “the talk.” No police officer is going to stop him; I buy hoodies with abandon, without thought of repercussion. I know my friends can’t do the same.

This first post is a tragedy. Its messy, unorganized, and maybe even offensive. Which has a subtle irony, since I am neither messy or unorganized and don’t find myself offensive, although I know many who do. I’m putting it all out there, trying to make sense of the complicated streams in my mind.

We were so close, so close, to having a solid future for the next generation. It’s gone. It will take generations to return to where we were in 2016. Courts are packed with whack jobs. Young whack jobs. I blame Bernie Sanders. No one can change my mind. Come at me with that Bernie would’ve won crap. Treat me like I’ve never heard that shit before. Your arguments are tired, old, and worn out. Just like him.

I’m the most fortunate among fortunates, and I want more and better for everyone, especially those who have suffered, and continue to suffer and be stripped of dignity and pride. It infuriates me, how close we were. It’s gone for my life time. What about yours

Remember, Tuesday is pizza day.